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The circuit of this ESR & Low Ohm's meter was designed

 by Bob Parker in Australia, click here to visit page.



Here one review for an SBR model meter, made a few years ago, is just for you have one idea of the circuit inside the enclosures,  a couple minor issues had been improved since then.


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Eclosure S-Black, display Blue/Red
Enclosure S-White, display Blue/Red

ESR meters Sxx



ESR meters Cx

Update for Cx enclosures: excluded 6XAA battery holder

---->take place 9V battery Snap


Recent Addition Bob Parker's Blue2 Ring Tester

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Bob's Blue2 Ring Tester

This device is an evolution of the widely known Bob Parker's  Blue Ring Tester, this new design is much more sensitive and its circuitry allows for much longer, ringing measuring process,  so make it suited to allow a very wide types of inductors, coils and transformers even to those of AC 50Hz and output power transformers of the audio circuits, could be measured, regarding to determine the DUT's quality  resonant circuit. 


 This Ring Tester circuit has a polypropylene capacitor to facilitate the measurement resonance of the inductors, reducing signal losses and increasing the measurement efficiency, with this has resulted in a circuit that produces results with great measurement sensitivity on virtually every type of coils.

It is powered by two AA batteries which can also be rechargeable type, automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of non-use, has a single push button control, when turning on appears whirling patern, just to draw attention that is on.  There is no availabel KIT version for this meter. 


Ring Tester Manual download  / Ring Tester Order page