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The circuit of this ESR & Low Ohm's meter was designed

 by Bob Parker in Australia, click here to visit page.



Here one review for an SBR model meter, made a few years ago, is just for you have one idea of the circuit inside the enclosures,  a couple minor issues had been improved since then.


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Eclosure S-Black, display Blue or Red
Enclosure S-White, display Blue or Red

Previous Versions still available

ESR meters  Sxx and Cx



ESR meters Cx

Update for Cx enclosures: excluded 6XAA battery holder

---->take place 9V battery Snap



Battery condition check capable
Improved protection against charged capacitors accidentally put to test
Bob Parker's  New Blues - Second Generation Blue2 meters by EVB

After many complications and delays, mostly caused by almost two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, here we managed to arrive and launch these two new test device concepts, developed from scratch by Bob Parker in Australia and marketed by EVB meters in Portugal. They are an evolution, very demarcated, from all previous versions where many improvements have been introduced, from the power supply, microprocessing and testing process, all this effort goes towards offering repair technicians an even more evolved and precise tool from previous versions and with a improved performance at all levels, all at a very attractive price.


Usefull links and information regarding these new test instruments.


B2ESR YouTube demo by Bob Parker                        B2RT YouTube demo by Bob Parker

B2ESR User Manual                                    B2RT User Manual

B2ESR Presentation page                                 B2RT Presentation page




 B2ESRs (Silent) version and now  B2ESRt (Talking) version - release -  click this picture and scroll down.





Blue2 Ring Tester B2RT

Microcontroller Version

(Enhanced Sensibility and Performance counts up to 99 rings)