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Designed by a guy with a lot of repair experience and who knows what are good and bad ESR figures.
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"Dear Vitor Manuel, Your meter arrived yesterday. I tried it already on some capacitors and it gave the expected values. On bad capacitors the values were about 10 times higher. So it works like a charm! I'll recommend you to other people. Good luck with your work. BTW, the meter is free of Customs Taxes when ordering within the European Union." -- Pepijn Boon -- Delft – Netherlands


“I received the ESR Meter today, and it seems to work fine! Thanks very much for the good service :) Best Regards” -- Brian Klint, -- Denmark


 “The ESR meter is in excellent condition and the initial tests I did showed that meter performs very well. Best Wishes”Peter van Merkerk, the Netherlands (another satisfied customer!) It is nice doing business with you.


 I received the meter, and it looks fine.Nice work.Thanks for a well performed trade. Omnitec -- v./ Poul Bundgaard – Denmark


Today is Tuesday 20 January 10.00 and there was the postman calling my front door Special Delivery from Portugal. Indeed the ESR tester. Package & Packaging is OK and all the accessories are there, I installed a battery and surely one has to take care NOT to press out the Red LED window......Performing the QC Incoming Inspection learned me that the tester works as advertised, I like to comment on the Workmanship....EXCELLENT all those tiny little stress relievers, PC board markings and lay-out. So I know the system is working and I'll invite my friends to place more orders....Bram Stolk, aka Mr. HAWK Sr SeniorBusiness Development Manager -- Fokker Defense Marketing -- the Netherlands


 "I received the meter few days ago. Shipment was fast and the item was well packed. The build quality of the device looks excellent. I've had no problems. Best regards - Aarne Jokinen - Finland"


 Hello Mr. Manuel, today the 2 esr meters you have sent, have arrived by post in perfect condition. Waiting for the 3rd esr meter, I want to thank you for selling me these fine instruments. Best regards, Lieven Vanhulle on4cvl – Belgium


"Vitor, The ESR tester arrived promptly just as you promised. It is impressive and seems to work very well, and the price is well below competitive products. I have tested about 100 electrolytic capacitors with it and surprisingly only found two that were outside an acceptable range. BUT, I probably wouldn't have found them at all without your device! Kudos! --Bill Blue, USA"


 I just received the meter today, everything seems to be in order! Thanks! Regards, Kim Johan Andersson – Denmark


Hi Vitor, Just to let you know that the meter arrived today (wed 11th). Many many thanks. Regards, Kevin- UK


Vitor, I wanted to let you know that I received the meter today. I have only been able to test it on 2 new capacitors and it appears to be accurate. I can not wait to try it in the field and see how well it works. The look and construction is very good. I am real pleased with this unit and I would like to thank you for the great transaction. Once I find it valuable I will try and get my company to buy 1 for each technician.Thank you so much,- Eric S. Oestreich- Field Operations Technician-West Coast Division- CA- USA


Vitor, Meter is here, battery in, working good.. DENNIS O’ROURKE - MN-USA


  I forgot to tell you meter received and impressed with construction quality inside. Thankyou very much. Has diagnosed 1 tough dog job already!! Derek Mckean Service Technician for Fronius Perfect Welding – Australia


  Hi again. Sorry I didn't write you before, but I received the ESR meter about a week ago, thank you very much. Kind regards- Jan Hansen – Denmark


Hi, Vitor, I received the meter in good condition on Friday and it's working great. Thanks for getting it shipped so fast! Larry Ingram - West Brookfield, MA – USA


 Hi, Vitor, You will pleased to know that the meter arrived today and seems to be working fine. Thanks for your speedy delivery. Best regards - Rob Whitton – UK


 Best regards from Slovenia, Gregor Vavpotic


 Hi Vitor, I received the the meter last monday. Thank you very much! Unfortunatly I was very busy with other stuff could'nt answer you. The evb seems to work well.Best regards,Daniel Pohl – Germany


 Vitor: Received the meter in the mail today.. I was very pleased and am excited to put it to use. Thank you and should you ever need someone in the US to distribute the meters for you I would be interested in working with you. Louis Cooper City - Florida – USA


  Dear Vitor, I got my meter.Works well. Thank You, John - La Chalmette - LA – USA


  Hi Vitor, the meter arrived today and it looks like it is functioning ok. Thanks. David David L Narva Reno, NV USA


Vitor, Just to let you know. It arrived on Friday, and I have now used it to check some capacitors on my old Drake R-4C receiver. Have found some that look bad that I will change. Lars E. Pettersson http://www.sm6rpz.se/ Goteborg SWEDEN


Hallo Vitor, thanks for Your mail. Excuse, I was very busy over the weekend, so I'm answering only today. I received the meters yesterday well packed!! and undamaged. After I found time to test and examine them thoroughly I will send You my comments and if necessary positive! critics on them. Since You've sent only one manual I will, with Your permission, make a copy for the friend the second meter is designated for. Best regards,Roland Schuessler - Muenchweiler – Germany


Hello Vitor! I received the meter on Thursday. It´s functioning just like promised. With many thanks Kalevi Lindfors - Joensuu – Finland


Hi. Allmost forgot, the meter arrived an is working well. Thanks, Patrick Hayes - Soeborg – Denmark


Vitor, just to let you know - the meter arrived today in excellent condition. I am really impressed about the quality of the whole arrangement. Looking forward to catch some corrupt caps.Greetings from Hamburg - Mark Neugebauer – GERMANY


Vitor ,Sorry I was so busy at work and I just got the time to send you an email to let you know that I recieved the meter and it really helped me a lot in troubleshooting my projection TV. It works great and thank you very much. Regards, Carlito Obregon - Arizona – USA


Vitor, Esta mañana 4 de noviembre a las 10:00 llega el medidor en buenas condiciones, aunque el paquete esta un poquito afectado (foto). Gracias atentamente Egied – Belgie


Ok, thank you very much for your fast reply to my questions. I like the meter and it works very good.
ESR in capacitors was something I wasn't able to measure until now. I also find very useful the low ohm measuring capability. I use a Sencore LC53, a hand held cap meter, an old analog ICE 680R which I bough new in the early 70's and a couple of other DMM (fluke 189..), but no direct ESR capabilities until now with the new EVB. Thank you and good luck with the sales. JUAN CARLOS – SPAIN


Hi Vitor, The meter arrived a few days ago and seems to be working fine. Thanks for the prompt delivery,Andrew – Australia


Hello Vitor, I hereby confirm the reception of the ESR meter. I can assure you that the meter will be introduced to a huge number of interested people. Regards Vladislav – Bulgaria


ViTOR Few minutes ago I receive your meters , thank you very much for your co-operations to this subject mater. Tks/Brgds - Agrafiotis Nikolaos - Greece Senior Electronic Eng


Hallo,Great service, received the meter today. 73's Thank you Mr. Manuel. Please keep me informed if you make other interesting products. Best regards, Stefaan de on1aqc – Belgium


Hi Vitor,Meter arrived safely today, not had a chance to play with it yet. Thanks. Regards Noel – UK


I tryed inmedelity the meter and I am very happy with it . To automaticly discharge the capacitors I have an idea . With a standard and a special test probe with a push button in it, similar as used by a scope , when you start measuring bolt probes are shorted by the 100R resistor and after a few seconds , you push the button on the probe and start realy measuring the capacitors . Regards Wim - the Netherlands


Hi Vitor, Received the meter and very pleased. Just for information though I had to push the sleeving down on the switch as it was a little too sensitive. I have taken the meter in to my employer and highly recommended your product. Many thanks again for such excellent service. Marc. UK


Hi Vitor,I received the esr meter yesterday and it is working fine! Thanks for the rapid delivery and a nice Christmas to you to. Best regards, Marcel Heriks Rotterdam Nederland


Vitor, he package has arrived in good order. Thanks for the fast service. Tomorrow it’s hobby time   Happy Easter. Regards Nico Verduin Electronics Nico Verduin Netherlands Web: http://www.verelec.com     http://www.ampforum.nl


Vitor Manuel, got the meter in good shape. The electronics are most likely OK. Will try it out as soon as I can! Thanks for the quick service, I look forward to fixing everything in my house that's busted! Mark – USA



Many thanks Vitor, the meter was received in good order today morning. it is exactly what i need. here is a short review i did on our capacitor forum http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1287 william – USA


Hello Vitor, The meter arrived today and, after a brief play, seems to work well. Thank you for such prompt service. Regards, Steve. USA


Vitor,Just wanted to let you know the ESR meter arrived this morning. I have already used it to confirm a 'bad' electrolytic capacitor. So simple and easy, should have done this years ago. Many, many thanks. Best regards,Norman Thompson UK


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Hello Vitor,Thank vou very much. I got the meter today. I tested it with some caps and it works well. I´´ll recommend you,greetings from Germany, Hakan Kiritoglu – Germany


Hello, the ESR-Meter arrived last Week and seems to work. Thank You Vitor. Best Regards Dietmar Dranga – Germany


I has arrived me and to tester ESR, all perfect Thanks Domingo Alb –Spain


Vitor, The meter arrived today in perfect condition. Nice piece of work! It will get a lot of use in my shop. Thank you for making it available. Best regards, John Rudson – Canada


Hello Vitor, I already received your ESR-meter last friday. It is a very good meter and I think a colleague of mine will order one more for him within some times :-) I checked with some capacitors : I salvaged 2 caps from my garbage bin that I changed from a previous repair because they were "bad" and I found that they both had an ESR of 10 ohms ! I checked with some tantalums but these are not so good for ESR, except some old (more than 20 years) "metal tantalum" that are still very good (#10 milli-ohms). We also checked with a professional "inductance/capacitance meter" we have in our office : it has 3 digits precision (probably also more than 3 digits for the price in euros !) and the values from both meters are the same (+/- 1 digit). Jean-Yves SEYLER Detection Chain Department
CNES : French Space Agency - Centre Spatial de Toulouse


Hi Vitor The meter got here today it appeasers to be working ok--I need to read the manual you sent (link) Thanks Bill - San Jose, CA United States


Hello Vitor, The ESR meter I ordered has arrived. Thanks for the quick service. John Myers - Alliance, OH USA


Hi Vitor: I received the meter in good condition yesterday. It has already proven very useful in that I was able to to find 2 bad electrolytic capacitors in power supply the first time I used it. Interestingly enough, the caps had previously tested ok with a regular cap meter, but showed high ESR readings with the EVB meter. Sure enough, the 2 bad caps were pulling the power supply regulators down! I replaced them, and the power supply is good now. Thanks again for a great meter. (P.S.- how about offering a nice protective case for the meter?) Best regards, Ron


Hello Vitor, The meter arrived today and I just tried it out. It looks like all is working fine and I will definitively try to use it for repairs. (I hope to repair a few switched power supplies that have problems) Thanks for sending this so fast! Kind regards, Ernst Elderenbosch - The Netherlands